The objective of this course is to look at companies in Keene, New Hampshire in order to understand the decline in U.S. manufacturing jobs, as well as how some companies have managed to thrive locally. A specific example of this being the growth of precision technology tied to the optics sector.

We learned how management existed in Keene, NH companies and how these companies have operated throughout time. This is achieved through books, articles and the knowledge of our professor, Marie Duggan. Some of the major pieces of literature that we studied in this course include, “The Great Reversal (Thomas Philippon, 2019),” and “Profits Without Prosperity (Bill Lazonick, 2014).”

This course is split into two sections: theory and real-world. In the first section of the class, we read economic theory about industrial plants and the troubles that they have gone through, and are still facing today. There has been a decline in industrial success as well as investment. Our class has had many discussions about why this is and how it can be helped. During the theory section of this course, we read about many industrial companies in Keene specifically, and how their successes can be measured throughout the years. We were able to review data illustrating how Keene, NH companies compare to companies nationwide concerning industrial decline.

The second section of this course involved touring industrial bases in Keene, NH. Our class toured Janos Technology and Abtech. Following this, my partner Devin Briggs and I interviewed Ken Abbott from Abtech. With the information we gathered, each student created a website detailing our experiences in this course.